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Troubleshooting begins within 24 hours in case of lump sum, monthly or bimonthly on-site maintenance and failure report.
If needed, we provide exchange machines for our contractual partners for the time of the maintenance.

Maintenance includes:
Rinse scaling
Grinder cleaning
Coffee making unit cleaning, greasing
Inside, outside cleaning
Change of plumbings if needed
Installing coffee drink by demand
Full scaling once a year
In industrial machines regenerating the water softener substitutes rinse scaling

Free of charge aiding devices, accessories:
cleaning agent, scaler, regenerator, lubricant, plumbings, safety valve, pipetube, tap plugs

Service fees: Monthly BiMonthly
Automatic coffee machines 3 200 HUF+VAT 5 500 HUF+VAT
Catering service arm and
automatic coffee machines

5 000 HUF+VAT 8 500 HUF+VAT
+ Field work in Budapest 2 800 HUF+VAT  

Operation form

1.) Company name:

2.) Place of work:

3.) Contact person:

4.) Availability:

Phone no:

5.) Type/s/ of machine/s/:

6.) appr. daily coffee use cups

7.) Would you choose monthly or bimonthly maintenance?

Monthly Bimonthly

8.) Need pricelist
Yes No

Downloadable maintenance contract: